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A permanent case of Writer's Block?

Ughhhhh....I used to be good with these things. When I was younger there were these blogs called 'MSN Spaces' that everybody had ( I've always found it a little funny that the internet,like everything else, has trends). I used to be on it constantly updating my friends with every little thing that I did. I recently (and by recently I mean like 30 seconds ago) went through it and read every single thing that I posted. It was back in the day whn pplz wrt lyk dis and anything plural had a z on it (except for geese because 'geeze' would have just been stupid). I even had a catchphrase. Yes, you read that right: a catchphrase. If I somehow managed to get a Tardis, I would travel back in time and slap my past self in the face for that. Cut back to now, and it took me about 20 tries to come up with something to write about...It kind of made we wonder: Why did I stop writing? Not just on my blog,but in general as well. I used to love writing poetry. So here's what I plan to do: from this point forward I will write in this blog at least once a week starting from today to August 17th 2011. It will be about what ever I want it to be about, which means it will probably be me talking about all the 'fascinating' things that I do all day and things that I like doing. Ok, I've officially run out of things to write about..
So this is me signing off (I've think I may have developed a new catchphrase...OH MERCY WHAT HAVE I DONE?!)
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black sails


Greetings Cyberspace!
I now have a blog (which no one will probs read!) I have no idea what to write about...